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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd grade African Safari

FInally, after all the illness have left our house, I am back in business and back to school!

The students examined the continent of Africa. We looked at the 3 different habitats: Desert, Grassland (savanna), Rainforest. We are focusing mostly on the grasslands and the animals found in the savanna. Of course, 2nd graders love anything to do with animals. They were eager to get started! All of the projects the students created started with them painting their own paper using tempera paints and texture supplies. Every class was to create a pattern or texture of their animal. After the paper dried the students were given a large tracer of the outline of the animal. First, they traced the shape, cut out the animal, then added details: eyes, mouth, ears, tails etc., anything the animal would need to be complete. I love how you see the personalities of the children in their projects! The backgrounds were painted by the 3rd, 4th, 5th graders. Students love painting the background for other students, they don't care if it is not for them- they just love to paint!


  1. This is beautiful ! My 11 yr old (homeschool) daughter and I are looking for something to paint on the shed wall to brighten up the view from our kitchen window and something like this just might be the ticket :0)